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Opalesque Islamic Finance Intelligence - Eighth Issue

The eighth issue of Opalesque Islamic Finance Intelligence is here (download the pdf version), the underlying thread uniting all the content for this month is looking at Islamic finance from a fresh and open perspective. This month's editorial outlines how Islamic finance is being developed/introduced in new markets - and whether the industry's long term future is being mortgaged for some short term gains. This is complemented in the Featured Resource (with a list of studies that look at Islamic finance from a global or macroeconomic point of view) as well as the Industry Snapshot (with an analysis of the recent report by the IFSB, IRTI and the IDB).

The Featured Structure section welcomes Mohammed Khnifer as he takes a novel approach as to the permissibility of organized tawarruq. Lex Islamicus takes on Islamic commercial contracts as Khalil explores the issues of good faith and fair dealing. The Kulliyyah Korner hears from Ahmed Mohamed Badr-Eldin and profiles his research on adapting conventional ratios to measure the performance of Islamic banks.

Furthermore, the Opinion Column hears from Edib Smolo, from the International Shari’ah Research Academy (ISRA), and his take on the future prospects of the industry. As part of our ongoing industry survey (The Islamic Window), Joy Abdullah provides an overview of the initial findings and some of the most striking signals from consumers.

Welcoming your comments & suggestions and a reminder that you can check the ever-growing archive of Opalesque Islamic Finance Briefing and Opalesque Islamic Finance Intelligence, all available free. In addition, we continue to expand the reach of our industry survey (see reference link) and appreciate it if you can help us disseminate it further.

Download the complete issue of Opalesque Islamic Finance Intelligence here.

Alternatively you can read each section separately:
Editor’s Note: Disclosure, Due Diligence & Death Spirals
Featured Resource: The Macro Perspective
Featured Structure: Maslaha and the Permissibility of Organized Tawarruq
Lex Islamicus: In Good Faith
Kulliyyah Korner: Measuring the Performance of Islamic Banks by Adapting Conventional Ratios
Opinion Column: Islamic Finance Practices at the Crossroads
The Islamic Window: Preliminary Findings
Industry Snapshot: IFSB-IRTI-IDB Islamic Finance and Global Stability Report


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