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Oman plans Islamic finance rules before year-end
(Reuters) - A regulatory framework for Islamic finance is taking shape in Oman as government bodies move towards meeting the country's stated aim of making sharia-compliant products available to the public this year. But logistical challenges and the limited size of the market may prevent entrants to the business from making quick profits.



Gulf sukuk funds grow but liquidity is problem
(Reuters) - Gulf investment funds dedicated to sukuk are increasing in size and number, but the growth spurt may not be enough to solve the concentration and liquidity issues facing the Islamic bonds market.



Malaysia revises Islamic equity standards
(Reuters) - Malaysia's securities commission is revising its guidelines for equities which qualify for Islamic investment, in a move that could increase the appeal of the country's sharia-compliant funds industry to Gulf investors.



(Reuters) - Islamic capital-protected products are starting to gain ground among retail investors in the Gulf, because of volatility in the equity markets and growing acceptance within the industry of how the products are created.



(Reuters) - The shareholders of three Islamic banks in Bahrain will vote this month to approve their merger, the deal's adviser said on Tuesday, in what would be a rare example of consolidation in the Gulf banking sector.



(Reuters) - The political party of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, which has the biggest bloc in parliament, is proposing changes to the banking law with the goal of boosting the market share of Islamic banks to 35 percent in five years from 5 percent now, a party member said.



(Reuters) - Established in 2007, Dubai-based Noor Islamic Bank said it planned to become the world's largest Islamic lender within five years, and would consider acquisitions to reach that goal.



(Reuters) - Malaysia's central bank will eventually expand its new Islamic money market funding facility to allow trades of the instrument between commercial banks, while introducing longer tenors, the central bank said on Thursday.

(Reuters) - Qatar International Islamic Bank (QIIB), parent company of Islamic Bank of Britain (IBB), is considering the sale of the UK's only sharia-compliant retail lender as it struggles to gain scale in the UK market.



(Reuters) - Malaysia's central bank is introducing an Islamic overnight funding facility which could encourage commercial banks from the Gulf to trade more in the country's sharia-compliant money market.



Bangladesh launches Islamic interbank money market
(Reuters) - Bangladesh has launched an Islamic interbank money market, aiming to help sharia-compliant banks manage their short-term funding.