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Banking for the Poor : The Role of Islamic Banking in Microfinance Initiatives

Banking for the Poor : The Role of Islamic Banking in Microfinance Initiatives
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki, Head of Research Affairs Department
ISRA Research Paper (No. 1/2009)

"The main purpose of this paper is to review the microfinance scheme and discuss how Islamic banks can participate in such an endeavor without compromising institutional viability and sustainability. The paper conducts an extensive review of microfinance to build a case that Islamic banking should participate in a microfinance initiative. It concludes with a proposal to use a special purpose vehicle (SPV) as one of the possible means for Islamic banks to channel funds to the poor. It is worth mentioning that this paper won the Emerald Literati Network 2009 Outstanding Paper Award."


Islamic Economics: A Survey of the Literature

Zaman, Asad (2008): Islamic Economics: A Survey of the Literature. Unpublished.

This looks to be a promising paper citing most of the best known books as well as many of the less well known. At the very least, this seems a decent (historical) bibliography.


Islamic Finance Search Engine

Greetings! Please do check out the new Islamic Finance Search Engine (powered by Google of course) listed at the top of the page. Currently there are some 287 sites listed in the search engine and it will return searches from those sites first, afterwards returning the remainder of google listings. Unfortunately, IBF-NET, hosted on Yahoo Groups, seems impenetrable to the Google CSE, but other than that the list is looking more and more complete.

Many of the Islamic Banking listings I have seen have stale links (now famously insolvent companies) or are just not particularly up to date. I am welcome to comments and suggestions. If you have sites you want to add, please do recommend them to me. If you have enough, I can even add you as a collaborator.