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Opalesque Islamic Finance Intelligence - Fifteenth Issue

The fifteenth edition of OIFI is here (download the PDF version) and you might notice our front cover is slightly different. Since inception we have avoided profiling any specific individual or personality, in part to differentiate OIFI with so many other finance publications and because our focus has always been poignant and relevant content (not to mention the fact that such portraits are cheesy too). This edition explores, among other things, the conscience of the industry as we ask ourselves: What is Islamic finance? What is the message being conveyed? Who can be part of this industry? How do we communicate the message more effectively? The front cover illustrates this puzzle (and hints to the answers).

Our Editorial tackles the approach we take not only to define Islamic finance but, increasingly, on how we communicate it to others. On the other end our Featured Resource is a short compilation of materials concerning Islamic Economics, an often distant topic to Islamic finance but one that is undergoing a similar revival and evolution.

The Featured Structure segment has Jhordy Kashoogie analyzing the debate behind the permissibility of trading sukuk, and this is further complemented by the Discussion Board which brings along feedback from practitioners on the same subject. Lex Islamicus welcomes back Hakimah Yacoob as she discusses financial criminology and financial victimology from the perspective of Islamic finance.

The Industry Snapshot introduces a recurring series of articles on EPL in Islamic finance (Education, Perception and Liquidity), which has been developed by Deloitte's Daud Vicary. Lastly the Opinion Column examines the growing concerns regarding career development and deployment of human capital in the industry, with Mohammed Khnifer highlighting some of the main obstacles faced by today's would-be Islamic bankers.

We encourage feedback from our readers and welcome comments & suggestions to make OIFI better. In addition, please remember that you can visit our historical archive (see reference link) for access to our ever-growing databank of Opalesque Islamic Finance Briefing as well as all of the back issues of Opalesque Islamic Finance Intelligence.

Download the complete issue of Opalesque Islamic Finance Intelligence here.

Alternatively you can read each article separately in the OIFI Archive:
Editor’s Note: Islamic Finance Incommunicado
Featured Resource: Islamic Economics
Featured Structure: Shari'a Polemics of Sukuk Trading
Discussion Board: Sukuk Trading - Deviation Between Theory and Practice?
Lex Islamicus: Financial Criminology v Financial Victimology in Islamic Practice
Industry Snapshot: E.P.L. in Islamic Finance - Education
Opinion Column: Voices of the Unheard - Salvaging the Next Generation of Islamic Bankers

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