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Opalesque Islamic Finance Intelligence XIII

Welcome to the thirteenth edition of OIFI (download PDF version), we hear from various parts of the world and this reflects how the industry has been growing and evolving over time. So many efforts and initiatives might seem local or market-specific but they are all contributing their grain of sand to the dissemination of Isamic finance globally. The Editorial Section discusses Islamophobia and how it affects the Islamic finance industry. Our Featured Resource is a compilation of material relating to Islamic microfinance, this includes various industry reports, empirical studies and some discussions on possible models as well.

The Featured Structure section is a continuation of Nikan's previous discussion on Istijrar, as he focuses on the sale at market price which highlights the need to understand price uncertainty and how it is viewed by Scholars. We also welcome Monem Salam of Saturna Capital in our Fund Manager Interview as he shares some insights into the history of their Amana funds.

Furthermore, the Industry Snapshot contains an in-depth analysis of stock screening, as Mehdi Popotte explores the mechanisms behind it and some of the issues that arise when establishing an equity screening solution. Joy Abdullah shares his views on how Islamic finance can expand its appeal to a wider market in the Opinion Column, with some revealing insights and suggestions.

As always, we are keen to hear your comments & suggestions and remember that you can visit our online archive (see reference link) for access to our ever-growing databank of Opalesque Islamic Finance Briefing as well as all of the back issues of Opalesque Islamic Finance Intelligence.

Download the complete issue of Opalesque Islamic Finance Intelligence here.

Alternatively you can read each article separately in the OIFI Archive:
Editor’s Note: Islam Süss
Featured Resource: Islamic Microfinance
Featured Structure: Istijrar Revisited - Bay' bi Sir' al Suq
Fund Manager Interview: Monem A. Salam, Director of Islamic Investing, Saturna Capital
Industry Snapshot: Opening the Black Box of Shariah Stock Screening
Opinion Column: Islamic Finance - Niche or Ubiquitous

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