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Islamic Investment: Evidence From Dow Jones and FTSE Indices

Islamic Investment: Evidence From Dow Jones and FTSE Indices
Khaled A. Hussein

"Despite the increasing attention to Islamic investment, the empirical studies on Islamic indices and/or funds are scarce. Due to increased monitoring costs, availability of a smaller investment universe, and restricted potential for diversification, it has been argued that unscreened benchmarks should outperform Islamic (ethical) investment. This paper examines the impact of the Shari[ah screening on the performance of FTSE Global Islamic index and Dow Jones Islamic Market Index (DJIMI) using a number of performance measurement techniques. We particularly examine whether returns earned by investors who purchases shares in the FTSE Global Islamic and DJIMI indices are significantly different from their indices counterparts, both in the short-run and long-run. In order to capture the impact of the changes in the economic conditions on the indices performance, we divide the sample period into bull and bear market periods. Our findings provide strong evidence to reject the assumption that shari'ah investing offer inferior investment performance compared to unscreened portfolios."

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