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A Roadmap for Making Islamic Finance Sources More Accessible

A Roadmap for Making Islamic Finance Sources More Accessible
The Role of Secondary Services in the Dissemination of Research

S. Nazim Ali
Director, Islamic Finance Project
Harvard Law School

Abstract: "Secondary services, particularly electronic databases, have revolutionized research by bringing together more resources for one’s disposal. This virtual network has exponentially increased the availability of information, thus making relevancy one of the most important questions in data collection. The Internet may be useful for finding introductory information because the turn-over time is short and the resources are practically unlimited. However, the internet is inherently flawed as a research tool for serious researchers because there is no barrier to entry, hence regardless of credentials or veracity anyone can post anything as a “fact.” The issue of quality assurance then becomes important. Quality assurance can stem from professional authority (who is writing the article), institutional authority (where is the research being undertaken), or a publisher’s authority (by whom is it being published). Therefore, though the Internet is a good source of industry news, market
news, and consumer perceptions, established outlets (both print media and electronic) should be preferred."


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