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Network Analysis Among Sharia Scholar version 4.0 - Funds@Work AG

Here is the latest report covering the Sharia Scholar Landscape from Funds@Work, which can be accessed directly from their site here.

Their initial study was one of the earliest posts in our blog (more than a year ago), for comparison purposes their earlier report is here.

It is much more comprehensive than previous sharia scholar reports previously created and above all introduces new perspectives such as the tertiary institutions that leading scholars attended. This will allow in the future to screen for less prominent scholars that have a similar educational background as more prominent ones for example.

In addition, Funds@Work plans to integrate this data into an Islamic instrument database, such as a database of 1000 Sukuk. This will allow academics and practitioners alike to find among others scholars most appropriate for cooperation by analyzing their expertise (e.g. sector/country exposure), experience, position (e.g. chairman) educational background (e.g. degrees, majors or ongoing professorships), company involvement, and identifying events they should attend, at which scholars speak.

It will also assist users in assessing business and partnership potentials by searching institutions, e.g. by country or sector, and reviewing their scholar board compositions as well as their involvement in the Sukuk industry.

It will also be of help in identifying sukuk investment or structuring opportunities by viewing Sukuk that have been approved by the scholars that users specify, or by obtaining the list of scholars that have approved each Sukuk or that are linked to companies which were involved in the sukuk issuance. They aim to broaden the universe to also incorporate other Islamic products such as e.g. mutual funds.

It will complement the many good initiatives that have been recently launched. The whole industry will profit from greater transparency and new insights.


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