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Opalesque Islamic Finance Intelligence - Sixth Issue

Welcome to the sixth edition of Opalesque Islamic Finance Intelligence (download the pdf version), for this issue we aim to look further into various aspects of Islamic finance that might have been overlooked elsewhere. We begin with an editorial note that explores the linkage between the past and the present constituencies of Islamic finance (be that consumers, investors, or practitioners) or to put it in other words the generational change that is underway and the validity of applying a sustainability label to the industry.

This is promptly followed by our Featured Resource which highlights a survey of various training programs and certifications available in the marketplace, this is a far more detailed version of our earlier attempt (much credit goes to one of our readers). Similarly, the concept of brand identity (within the realm of Islamic finance) has been rarely discussed, hence we turn to the Industry Snapshot section where Joy Abdullah delves into the linkage between corporate culture and brand identity - as these relate to Islamic financial institutions.

Muqaddasah (call option using set-off) is dissected by Nikan in the Featured Structure section, a combination of murabaha and salam which might not be widely used in the market but presents a valuable illustration of how various instruments can be combined to create new permutations. Islamic Venture Capital has also been under-reported and our Allocator Interview profiles Jordan-based Ahmed Muhammed Almanasreh from Sanad Islamic Investments, who shares his views on Islamic VC in the MENA region.

Khalil once again provides food for thought in Lex Islamicus by discussing the debate over the commercialization of fatwas, whereas our Opinion Column hears from Furqan Ahmad who scrutinizes some of the core challenges being faced by the industry today. Always welcoming your comments & suggestions and a reminder that you can check the ever-growing Opalesque Islamic Finance Briefing and Opalesque Islamic Finance Intelligence, all available free in our Online Archive.

Download the complete issue of Opalesque Islamic Finance Intelligence here (registration required).
Alternatively you can read each section separately:


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