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ISRA Journal - Volume 1

The inaugural issue of the ISRA International Journal of Islamic Finance (ISRA journal) has been available since December so we are unsure how we could miss it! The journal can be downloaded for free (no registration required) but it is the academic rigor and second-to-none peer review process that makes it really impressive. Take note that "the practitioner’s article discusses cases studies from the real life experience of the practitioner author. The Journal also highlights select currently ongoing research projects conducted by ISRA’s researchers under ‘Research Notes’. Though the research projects are not complete its introduction to the outside will engage those who may be doing parallel or similar research".

ISRA International Journal of Islamic Finance
Volume 1, Issue 1
December 2009

Academic Articles
Financial Crisis: Risks and Lessons for Islamic Finance
- Habib Ahmed
The Global Financial Crisis, Risk Management and Social Justice in Islamic Finance
- M. Kabir Hassan and Rasem N. Kayed
Shari'ah Governance for Islamic Financial Institutions
- Rodney Wilson
Shari'ah Parameters on the Islamic Foreign Exchange Swap as a Hedging Mechanism in Islamic Finance
- Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki

Practitioners' Articles
From “Asset-backed” to “Asset-light” Structures: The Intricate History of Sukuk
- Rafe Haneef

Research Notes
Islamic Pricing Benchmark
- Edib Smolo
Alternative Dispute Resolution in Islamic Finance: Legal Challenges and the Way Forward
- Hakimah Yaacob
A Synthesis of Shari'ah Issues and Market Challenges in the Application of Wa'ad in Equity-based Sukuk
- Shabnam Mokhtar
Shari'ah Parameters of Islamic Derivatives in Islamic Banking and Finance
- Sherin Kunhibava


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  1. Thanks to reader feedback we realized that the above links will only provide the abstracts, you need to dig a bit in the ISRA website to find the right place to download the full articles. To download each article please do as follows:

    1) Go to their download page:

    2) on the top right there is a drop-down menu, select:
    ->ISRA Publications
    --->ISRA International Journal of Islamic Finance
    ------>Volume 1 - December 2009

    3) Select one or all files for download

    4) Happy reading!