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Introduction to Islamic Microfinance

As part of our earlier discussion on Sustainable Development from an Islamic Perspective we touched on the concept of Microfinance (or rather, how it has been sidelined by the global financial industry as the ugly duckling of ethical investing). However, we are fortunate enough to be proven wrong here - there is a substantial amount of written material and case studies available on the topic, in particular from the Institute of Microfinance and Development. Similarly, we have found very strong support and interest from different individuals and institutions across the industry - a variety of initiatives likely in the pipeline. Herewith is a good introductory package to Islamic Microfinance, and we will certainly be revisiting this and other resources on microfinance in future posts.


Introduction to Islamic Microfinance; Mohammed Obaidullah (2008), IBF Net

Islamic Microfinance Development: Challenges and Initiatives; Mohammed
Obaidullah and Tariqullah Khan (2008), Policy Dialogue Paper No.2, IRTI, IDB

Role of Microfinance in Poverty Alleviation: Lessons from Selected IDB Member Countries; Mohammed Obaidullah (2008), IRTI, IDB

Islamic Finance for Micro and Medium Enterprises; Mohammed Obaidullah and Hj Salma Abdullateef (2008) Ed., IRTI, IDB
Papers/Case Studies:
Islam, Poverty and Microfinance Best Practices; Mohammed Obaidullah (2007), Islamic Finance Today, June, Sri Lanka: Pioneer Publications

Leveraging Philanthropy: Monetary Waqf for Micro Finance; Muhammad Anas Zarka (2007), Paper Presented to a Symposium "Towards an Islamic Micro-Finance", Islamic Legal Studies Program, Harvard Law School

Tackling Urban Poverty in Sri Lanka – A Case Study for Viable Shariah Compliant Microfinance Practice; Roshan Madawela, Amjad Mohamed-Saleem (2008), Muslim Aid

Islamic Microfinance: A Practical Perspective; MHM Hannan and Abdul Kany (2007), Islamic Finance Today, May, Sri Lanka: Pioneer Publications


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