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Islamic Finance: Global Trends & Challenges

Islamic Finance: Sustainability and Challenges
Shamshad Akhtar
The National Bureau of Asian Research

"Islamic finance must be recognized as a parallel system that will augment, and be augmented by, a deeper knowledge and experience of the conventional financial system. As such, the industry’s long-term growth and sustainability depend on: (1) how Islamic finance interfaces with and benefits from complementing and supplementing the conventional system, and (2) how Islamic finance adapts and conforms to international regulations and supervision while remaining aligned with the technicalities and nuances of Islamic financial instruments and their associated risks. Properly exploiting the unique features of Islamic finance with appropriate adaptability, and without compromising principles of sharia (Islamic law), will be critical to the growth and promising future of the Islamic finance industry.

Touching on some of these debates, the essay begins by addressing trends in Islamic finance, then turns to lay the case for the sustainability of Islamic finance, and concludes with a discussion of some key prospects and challenges facing the industry."

Enhancing Interlinkages and Opportunities: The Role of Islamic Finance
Zeti Akhtar Aziz
Bank Negara Malaysia

"Five years ago discussions regarding Islamic finance focused on the challenges of developing an efficient and robust Islamic financial system. Today the Islamic financial system has evolved significantly to become a dynamic and competitive form of financial intermediation in the global financial system. This essay addresses the transformation and innovation that have taken place in these five years in both the national and international Islamic financial systems and concludes with an examination of necessary elements for sustaining the systems’ growth. Most significant have been the development of the Islamic financial markets, the growth in the range of financial products and services, the increasing significance of the international dimension of Islamic finance, the development of an international Islamic financial architecture, and the enhanced international interlinkages that have been brought about by these developments."

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