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IICMF Conference: Islamic Structured Products and Current Issues in Islamic Finance

The Securities Commission in Malaysia will host the Third International Islamic Capital Markets Forum in Kuala Lumpur (follow link for more information) on 30 July 2009, themed "Islamic Structured Products and Current Issues in Islamic Finance."

Structured products have become popular as a wholesale fund product and a popular deposit instrument for Islamic Banks as well as an investment linked product for takaful.

Mark this event in your diary now. For further details please email icmforum@seccom.com.my

  • Topics will address the landscape and current views on Shariah-compliant structured products and hedging tools, an examination of the building blocks in constructing these products, the approach and philosophies in regulating the Islamic capital market in Malaysia and case studies.
  • A panel of speakers will deliberate on the resilience of Islamic finance, factors which are curtailing its further expansion and the development of Islamic finance products in achieving Shariah harmonisation.
  • A face-to-face deliberation with renowned practitioners, Shariah scholars as well as regulators.
Featuring two of our regular contributors: Bernardo Vizcaino and Nikan Firoozye!

Note: for those who cannot attend, we will spend some time surveying the landscape of structured product from Himalayas to Perfect Asset Allocation/Rainbow Options to TARNs to LIFTS to Range Accruals to Expert Trader Options, etc. Some are possible in Shariah-compliant format, some less easily so, and some with obvious benefit to investors, and some only with obvious benefit to issuers/investment banks (Caveat Emptor, i.e., buyer beware!). Expect some serious debate.

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